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This is not the first time that Beijing, and it will never be the last time to rectify Beijing's curse on the stadium. However, through fines, can Beijing really stop Beijing's scolding?


The so-called Beijing curse is nothing more than "silly X". This word originated from Beijing Hutong slang, "promoted" in Beijing's sports arena, so it is called "Jing scold".


But in fact, the word "silly X", which originated in Beijing, has long been popular all over the country. It is more accurate to say that it is not so much "Beijing curse" than "national curse". Therefore, it seems boring to always use Beijing to scold things, and it does not help to stop this phenomenon.


This kind of ridicule of fifty steps laughing at one hundred steps is tantamount to an ostrich with its head buried in the soil, only seeing the shortness of others, but not knowing that its ass is also exposed. Only when everyone realizes that this is a bad habit and everyone works together to curb such an uncivilized phenomenon can it be possible to reduce the scolding on the court.


Just mocking the remote curse on the TV, but can't hear the curse around you, how can this phenomenon be completely eliminated? Therefore, regardless of whether Beijing's new regulations can be effective, it is far from enough to just criticize Beijing's rectification of the stands. It must be faced squarely, just like the Chinese men's football team. This is a systemic problem of Chinese football, not just a problem for some people.


From the previous measures to the current new regulations, there is no doubt that Beijing’s efforts to rectify Beijing curse are the highest in the country. It cannot be said that these measures have no effect. Beijing's scolding on the Beijing arena is indeed decreasing, but it is still a long way from putting an end to the word. Some people expect that the new regulations this time will have a better rectification effect. However, it is difficult to have a chance to verify this year whether it will really work.


Some people say that football is a popular entertainment for the lower Liba people, and a catharsis for the common people's repressive lives. Therefore, there should be no fuss about the scolding on the court. There are even arguments that letting fans scold enough in the stands will benefit social order.


There is no shortage of reasonable parts of this argument, but it is obviously too one-sided. Although many friends who have lived abroad say that in the stands of the Premier League and Serie A, the scolding is endless, but the scolding on the domestic competition is still beyond the normal range.


On the one hand, there are too many unprovoked curses in the domestic arena, and too many curses with regional discrimination; on the other hand, there are too many people involved in the collective unconscious orgasm following the curses in the domestic stands. Besides, who said that we can scold if foreigners scold us? Shouldn't we learn from each other? Instead of staring at the dross to learn.


As mentioned above, there are always people who criticize Beijing and make Beijing and Beijing fans feel wronged. But there are also some uncivilized phenomena that are rare in other places in the stands in Beijing. Collective unconscious curses are one of them. Of course, there are objective factors in the booming of the Beijing football market and the large number of fans on the scene, but the main reason is that the fans do not recognize the improprieties of their actions.


Take the most talked about "silly X for silly X, the more silly X" that some Beijing fans talk about, for example, it is the most typical collective unconscious.


In many cases, the visiting team has no grudges with Guoan, and the replaced players did not commit any malicious fouls in the game, but they still couldn't escape this "silly X" package, which made people feel helpless.


It is precisely because of this that whether Beijing's new regulations can completely rectify this uncivilized phenomenon is deeply doubtful. Faced with thousands of people or tens of thousands who shouted "Stupid X" at the same time, who would be punished? There is no so-called "first offender".


Maybe just like the performance in "Sunny Day", after joining the group, the individual who is counseled will become bold and reckless, and enjoy the joy of doing the same thing with the surrounding people. As for why fans in the Beijing stands are most likely to fall into collective unconscious happiness, that is the research category of social psychologists, and the author is unable to make a conclusion.


Let me say one more thing. This phenomenon of enjoying collective unconscious cursing orgasm exists in stadiums all over the country, but the degree is different. However, Beijing fans do want to admit that the extent of this phenomenon in the Beijing stands may be the highest in the country.


In recent years, every time it is mentioned why Chinese football is not good, many people will say one thing because we lack our own football culture.


In fact, excessive scolding in the stands is also a sign of the lack of football culture. And the scary thing is that taking pride in cursing people and having fun in cursing tricks has become the trend of Chinese football popular culture in the past few years, which is far more terrifying than cursing itself. A reality that has to be admitted is that no one has the ability to completely stop the curse in the stands, and even sometimes the curse is reasonable, but what we have to do is not to let this phenomenon become talked about and be talked about. Football culture that more people imitate.

实际上,看台上的过度责骂也是缺乏足球文化的标志。而且令人恐惧的是,在过去的几年中,以诅咒人民为荣,以诅咒技巧为乐已经成为中国足球大众文化的一种趋势,这远比诅咒本身更可怕。必须承认的现实是,没有人能够完全停止看台上的诅咒,甚至有时这种诅咒是合理的,但是我们要做的就是不要让这种现象成为人们谈论和谈论的话题。 。越来越多的人模仿的足球文化。

Scolding in foreign stands cannot be forbidden, but at the same time, foreign fans have more ways to play in stands. Boos, satirical banners and TIFOs of opponents, and sarcasm's cheering songs. These gameplays have also begun to appear in the Chinese Super League stands in recent years, but they still have not formed a mainstream fan culture. More fans still enjoy simple cursing.


It must be admitted that modern football is an imported product for China. We lack the foundation for the development of modern football, so it is difficult for us to completely imitate the mature European fan culture. To cultivate our own fan culture, we must combine the national conditions and regional characteristics to create a fan culture and stand culture with Chinese characteristics.


When Chengdu Sheffield United still existed, an interesting fan culture emerged from the Chengdu stands. Every Sheffield United’s home stadium, Chengdu fans will organize a drum band. When the visiting team player falls to the ground and can’t afford to delay the game, the fans in the stands shout collectively: "Play sad music!" At this time, the drum band immediately responded to the home team’s fans. Call, play all kinds of sad music again. Is such behavior elegant? of course not. But from a comparative point of view, it is far more advanced than using the word "silly X" to curse people, and it is more interesting and more in line with the essence of football as a mass entertainment activity.


No one can tell why Chengdu has developed such a grandstand culture, perhaps thanks to the Sichuanese Bashi and comfortable life attitude. If you really want to reduce the "silly X" sound in the stands, all localities should develop interesting ways of cheering, like the former Chengdu fans, combining their own regional cultural concepts and local popularity. (Throwing monkeys and turtles are not included here)

没有人能说出为什么成都发展了这样的看台文化,这也许要归功于四川人的巴什和舒适的生活态度。如果您真的想减少看台上的“傻X”声,那么所有地区都应该像前成都球迷一样,开发有趣的欢呼方式,结合自己的地区文化概念和当地知名度。 (这里不包括投掷的猴子和乌龟)

In fact, in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, stands culture like TIFO is emerging. The official support and guidance for this diversified way of cheering (even if the content is somewhat confrontational) is far more effective than simply banning scolding.


Fans’ minds are spent on TIFO, flags and singing. Who has the energy to curse? Unfortunately, the officials are still too cautious in this regard, and the support for fans is far from enough. This requires the joint efforts of clubs, capable fan organizations, and the government, and it is not just about putting up some civilized slogans, fines, and noise.


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