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Tiger Fighting, October 1st, England left back Chilwell switched from Leicester City to Chelsea this summer. On Thursday, local time, he also attended the press conference for the first time as a Chelsea player and was interviewed by a British reporter. .

老虎格斗,10月1日,英格兰,左后卫Chilwell今年夏天从莱斯特城转到切尔西。当地时间周四,他还作为切尔西球员第一次参加了新闻发布会,并接受了英国记者的采访。 。

"The qualification for the Champions League is one of the important reasons for me to join. Everyone wants to participate in the Champions League. The England teammates are also talking about how much they love to participate in the Champions League. A few years ago, I experienced the Champions League for the first time. Enjoy, especially the knockout matches against Atletico. It is the highest level of the club and it is also a challenge for you. At Chelsea we have a great lineup and hope we can make a difference in the Champions League this season."


"When I communicated with Lampard, I immediately had the feeling of wishing to play for him and win for him. He has won many trophies at Chelsea and it is important to be able to play for a coach who loves the club. Lampard is also one of the important reasons why many players choose to join. He is very good at personnel management. Players who did not get the opportunity to play will also think so. He is also very good at the technical and tactical level. He seems to be a very good person. , You will want to do better for him. This is one of the important reasons why I want to join Chelsea."


"In choosing to join Chelsea, in addition to communicating with head coach Frank Lampard, communicating with Ashley Cole also played an important role. Seeing his career at Chelsea, I also hope to follow in his footsteps. It is very important to me to have a senior like him who has played for both Chelsea and England. I have always wanted to meet him and ask him what he thinks of Chelsea and how he has achieved great success here. "


"I have always been eager to have the opportunity to communicate with him, and in the future I will do my best to work hard to replicate his achievements at Chelsea."


"He asked me to work hard, I know it sounds a bit clichéd, but the fans of the Blues will like the players who work hard and fight for the club's honor. He said that when he first came to Chelsea, he wanted to do What did the club win because he enjoys playing for the Blues. He said that if I can fall in love with playing for Chelsea like him and keep the desire to win, then I will succeed at Chelsea."


"I think this is true for all clubs. There is no preseason. It feels like jumping directly from last season to this season. Coupled with the addition of new players and the injury problems of the players, like me and Ziyesh, Pulisi Odd, wait, some key players and new players haven't got enough opportunities for team training."


"As far as the defense is concerned, both my sister-in-law and Mendy are new to join, so it is not easy to work closely together, because we have not yet got the opportunity to work together. I hope that after a few weeks the team will have more chemical reactions. We already have a lot of excellent players and coaches, plus the introduction of new aids, we already have the conditions to achieve success this season. Regarding the problem of set-up and counter-attack, we have been working on it during training. Efforts. We are all working very hard. As everyone recovers and training time increases, we will be better together."

“就辩方而言,我的sister子和门迪都是新加入的,因此紧密合作并不容易,因为我们还没有机会共同合作。我希望几个星期后,球队会有更多的化学反应,我们已经有了很多优秀的球员和教练,加上引进了新的助攻,我们已经具备了本赛季取得成功的条件。 ,我们在训练过程中一直在努力。努力。我们都非常努力。随着每个人的康复和训练时间的增加,我们会变得更好。”

"For injuries, you can't rush to come back. This will only aggravate the injury. But when you just joined a new club, you still need to recuperate and make me feel frustrated, because of course you want to immediately devote yourself to training, to participate in the game, and to contribute to the team. Contribution. But this kind of thing can't be rushed, otherwise the gain will not be worth the loss."


"The Chelsea medical team played a very important role. They helped me a lot to ensure that I was able to return to the game in full health. Therefore, I gradually gain playing time and it is important to ensure that my recovery process is correct."

“切尔西医疗队发挥了非常重要的作用。他们为我提供了很多帮助,以确保我能够完全恢复健康。因此,我逐渐获得了比赛时间,并且重要的是要确保康复过程正确无误。 。”

"Now I feel very healthy. I played 65 minutes against Tottenham and I feel good. I know that I will only get around 60-65 minutes of playing time, because the return from injury must be gradual and I can't all at once. I played for 90 minutes. I felt good after the game. I also participated in the team’s training today. I am ready for the weekend league. I feel good."


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