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Defending the Triple Crown? He is the confidence of Bayern! Fansmall football cat On October 6, the summer transfer window for the five major leagues was officially closed. On the left wing position, Leroy Sane became the most expensive left winger to change this summer with 45 million euros (Manchester City-Bayern). After losing Robben and Ribery, Bayern always hoped to introduce a top wing player, and Sane became their target. As early as last summer, Sane was very close to joining Bayern, but due to a serious injury, the transfer failed. Bayern finally signed Sane this summer, and the transfer fee of 45 million euros is also very worthwhile. After joining Sane, Gnabry and Lewand formed a terrifying trident. He has played 3 games for Bayern, scoring 1 goal and contributing 2 assists. However, knee injuries are currently bothering the Germans. According to news from the well-known German football media "Kicker", Sane is expected to be absent for about four weeks and will miss the first two group matches of the new season's Champions League. Sane's knee injury this time was the same knee that underwent surgery last summer. In Bayern's 1-4 loss to Hoffenheim, the Bayern new No. 10 injured and left. "Kicker" news said that Sane will be injured for about 4 weeks, which means that Sane will miss the October national team game and the Bundesliga and Champions League matches. Sane will miss the first two games of the new season's Champions League group stage. game. Before the injury, Sane’s new life at Bayern was perfect: at the end of September in the European Super Cup final, Bayern and Sevilla scored 1-1 in 90 minutes, and Harvey Martin in overtime. Naz scored a header to help Bayern win the championship. After the game, Sane posted a picture of Bayern's victory in personal social media and wrote: First championship! Achieved! In this game, Sane's performance was quite satisfactory. In the 58th minute, a supplementary shot was blocked by the defender. In the 62nd minute, Sane made a supplementary shot into the net. However, due to a foul by Lewanne, the goal was invalidated. Sane had previously won two Premier League and many English Cup championships in Manchester City. This is Sane's first intercontinental championship. In the new season's Bundesliga opener that ended early on September 19, Bayern Munich beat Schalke 8-0 at home. In that game, Sane played very well, contributing 1 goal and 2 assists. According to statistics, Sane had a top speed of 34.8km/h in the game against Schalke, making him the fastest player in the game between Bayern and Schalke. Sane's debut in Bayern Munich received unanimous praise. After the game, many German media gave Sane a full score. In addition, the German media "Football Transfer Network" evaluated Sane's debut performance as "world-class". 2018 Panini Prizm World Cup Base #93 Leroy Sane Basic models basically doubled in less than 10 days after their excellent results on the 19th of last month, and the blue discount has exploded. However, this situation continued until around the 25th and began to change direction and change to a downward trend. As of October 5th, the price is only 15.5 US dollars. However, since the transfer has now been successful, it is expected that there will be a wave of growth in the near future.

保卫三冠王?他是拜仁的信心! Fansmall足球猫 10月6日,五个大联盟的夏季转会窗口正式关闭。左翼位置上,勒罗伊·桑恩(Leroy Sane)成为今年夏天换人最昂贵的左翼球员,共花费4500万欧元(曼彻斯特城-拜仁)。 在失去罗本和里贝里之后,拜仁一直希望引进一名顶尖的边路球员,而桑恩成为他们的目标。 早在去年夏天,萨恩就非常接近加盟拜仁,但是由于严重受伤,转会失败了。拜仁终于在今年夏天签下了萨内,而4500万欧元的转会费也非常值得。加入Sane之后,Gnabry和Lewand组成了一个可怕的三叉戟。 他为拜仁踢了3场比赛,打进1球,贡献2助攻。 但是,膝盖受伤目前困扰着yobo真人app正规版德国人。根据德国著名足球媒体“踢球者”(Kicker)的消息,预计Sane将缺席约四个星期,并且将缺席新赛季欧洲冠军联赛的前两小组比赛。 Sane这次的膝盖受伤与去年夏天接受手术的膝盖相同。在拜仁1-4输给霍芬海姆的比赛中,新的拜仁10号受伤并离开了。 《踢球者》消息称,桑内将受伤约4周,这意味着桑内将缺席10月的国家队比赛以及德甲和欧洲冠军联赛的比赛。 Sane将错过新赛季欧洲冠军联赛小组赛的前两场比赛。游戏。 受伤之前,萨内(Sane)在拜仁的新生活非常完美:9月底,在欧洲超级杯决赛中,拜仁和塞维利亚在90分钟内得到1-1,而哈维·马丁则在加时赛。纳兹(Naz)头球攻门,帮助拜仁赢得冠军。 赛后,Sane在个人社交媒体上张贴了拜仁队胜利的照片,并写道:第一个冠军!实现了! 在此游戏中,Sane的表现相当令人满意。在第58分钟,后防队员补射被挡出。在第62分钟,Sane补篮入网。但是,由于勒万内犯规,进球无效。 Sane此前曾在曼彻斯特城赢得两次英超联赛冠军和许多英国杯冠军。这是Sane的第一个洲际冠军。 在9月19日结束的新赛季德甲揭幕战中,拜仁慕尼黑主场8-0击败了沙尔克。在那场比赛中,Sane表现出色,贡献了1个进球和2个助攻。 据统计,Sane在与沙尔克的比赛中最高时速为34.8 km / h,这使他成为拜仁和沙尔克之间比赛中最快的球员。 Sane在拜仁慕尼黑的处子秀获得一致好评。比赛结束后,许多德国媒体给Sane满分。此外,德国媒体“足球转播网”将Sane的首演表现评为“世界一流”。 2018 Panini Prizm世界杯足球赛基地#93 Leroy Sane 基本型号在上个月19日取得优异成绩后的不到10天时间里基本翻了一番,yobo真人app娱乐app蓝色折扣也激增了。 但是,这种情况一直持续到25日左右,并开始改变方向并变为下降趋势。截至10月5日,价格仅为15.5美元。 但是,由于转让已成功完成,因此预计不久的将来会出现一波增长。

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