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yobo真人app正规版-这所学校的射击队成立仪式上 许海峰陶璐娜亲自授旗
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yobo真人app正规版-这所学校的射击队成立仪式上 许海峰陶璐娜亲自授旗

On October 13th, Xuhui Middle School and Gaoanlu No. 1 Primary School welcomed two "championship physical education teachers"-China's first Olympic champion Xu Haifeng and his disciple, and Tao Luna, the 2000 Sydney Olympic shooting champion, attended a special meeting for teachers and students. "Physical Education". To

10月13日,徐汇中学和高安路第一小学迎来了两名“冠军体育老师”-中国首位奥运冠军徐海峰和他的弟子,2000年悉尼奥运会射击冠军陶卢娜参加了一次教师特别会议。和学生。 “体育”。至

   That morning, the two Olympic champions entered Xuhui Middle School, a prestigious school with a history of 170 years. After receiving flowers from the student representatives, Xu Haifeng gave a speech on the spirit of the Olympics. He talked about his life insights from the championship experience, coaching career, and social activities. Xu Haifeng won bursts of applause from the teachers and students present with his vivid and humorous language.


As a traditional sports school, Xuhui Middle School with 170 years of history has opened shooting, UFO, baseball, curling and other sports courses. On the day of the event, under the witness of Xu Haifeng and Tao Luna, two shooting Olympic champions, Xuhui Middle School The official establishment of the shooting team is a landmark in the glorious sports history of Xuhui Middle School. In the flag-giving ceremony for the official establishment of the shooting team of Xuhui Middle School, the two champions handed over the flags symbolizing shooting spirit, Olympic spirit and sportsmanship to representatives of the shooting team of Xuhui Middle School. They hoped that more sports talents could be discovered on the campus to win glory for the country in the future. ! …

作为传统的体育学校,徐汇中学已有170多年的历史,开设了射击,不明飞行物,棒球,冰壶等体育课程。活动当天,徐汇中学两名射击奥运冠军徐海峰和陶露娜的见证下,射击队的正式成立是徐汇中学光荣体育史上的里程碑。在徐汇中学射击队的正式升旗仪式上,两位冠军将象征射击精神,奥林匹克精神和体育精神的旗帜移交给了徐汇中学射击队的代表。他们希望将来能在校园内找到更多的体育人才,为国家赢得荣耀。 ! …

   In the afternoon, Xu Haifeng and Tao Luna came to Gaoan Road No. 1 Primary School again and became champion teachers, sharing their stories behind being athletes and sports managers. Xu Haifeng told the students about his experience from the beginning of shooting to becoming a national shooting team athlete, and shared the joy and pressure of becoming the first person in the Chinese Olympic champion. After retiring, Xu Haifeng became a sports manager. After retirement, he became a sports culture disseminator. After the change of identity, Mr. Xu also set himself a new goal and responsibility, that is to promote shooting sports, especially The popularity of laser shooting is more interesting, safer, and more suitable for development on campus.


  Xuhui campus deep cultivation shooting project


   In recent years, the Xuhui District Sports Bureau has attached great importance to the integration of sports and education, and has continuously built a youth sports competition system and talent training system in Xuhui District. Wang Jiwei, deputy director of the Xuhui District Sports Bureau, said: “On the one hand, we use excellent schools in the region to further popularize campus sports; at the same time, we also use outstanding athletes to enter the campus and continuously improve campus sports through the face-to-face approach of champions. culture."


   Gaoanlu No.1 Primary School attaches great importance to physical education and has carried out sports activities such as sports festivals and sports meets for a long time to comprehensively improve the basic quality of students. A few years ago, Xuhui Middle School set up a campus laser shooting training ground to vigorously develop campus laser shooting sports. Both schools actively cooperate with the Xuhui District Youth Sports School to jointly promote the after-school training of shooting events. Tao Luna said: “The principal is a leader in the integration of sports and education. Zeng Xianyi, the principal of Shanghai Xuhui Middle School, and Teng Ping, the principal of Gaoan Road No. 1 Primary School in Xuhui District, Shanghai, have a long-term vision. Laser shooting is an emerging sport. It has a good exercise effect on the physical and psychological quality of young people. It can cultivate a number of qualities such as calmness, coordination and balance, concentration and stability, and determination. At the same time, this sport is both safe and interesting. Laser shooting The equipment used is a laser training device. School classrooms, corridors, and playgrounds can use laser training devices for laser shooting training, which has a positive effect on the popularization of shooting sports on campus..."


   Tao Luna believes that through "shooting + X", shooting can be combined with running, swimming, skiing and other projects to train the physical and psychological qualities of young people in an all-round way.

陶露娜认为,通过“射击+ X”,射击可以与跑步,游泳,滑雪和其yobo真人app正规版他项目相结合,全方位地训练年轻人的生理和心理素质。

   Retired from the sports field and turned into a sports manager. Whether in the municipal sports bureau or as the manager of the shooting and archery team or the modern pentathlon team, Tao Luna has always insisted on entering the grassroots level and providing experience and professional guidance for young people's amateur training.


  The school physical education teacher can help students master basic shooting skills. When the seedlings are found, the sports school coaches can "process" and judge them. The seedlings can be selected to minor sports schools for amateur training, thus forming a connection between after-school training and amateur training. In Tao Luna’s view, the sports teams of all district sports schools are the third line, the sports teams of the district schools are the concept of "four lines", and the school’s interest classes are the "fifth lines". Only by consolidating the layout of grassroots youth sports can there be more good Seedlings emerged.


   Tao Luna often shoots sports videos of first-line professional teams to the grassroots to watch for athletes and school students in major sports schools, and then let them try sports to help young people develop standardized movements and awareness. "Standard postures and standard movements can create better results. Therefore, the first, second and third lines must be further linked. The first-line coaches must understand the training situation at the grassroots level and understand what is lacking and what they need in order to give targeted guidance. "According to Tao Luna, the exercise data curve generated by the laser training device is a kind of artificial intelligence application. "In the 5G era, big data can accurately analyze what kind of psychological, physical, and personality shooting talents need. The accumulation of big data can help grassroots coaches to select more accurately."

陶露娜经常向基层拍摄一线专业队的运动录像带,观看大型体育学校的运动员和在校学生,然后让他们尝试运动以帮助年轻人发展标准化的运动和意识。 “标准的姿势和标准的动作可以产生更好的效果。因此,第一,第二和第三条线必须进一步联系起来。第一线的教练必须了解基层的培训情况,并了解缺少的东西和他们需要的东西。给予有针对性的指导。“据陶鲁纳说,激光训练设备产生的运动数据曲线是一种人工智能应用。 “在5G时代,大数据可以准确地分析射击类人才需要什么样的心理,身体和性格。大数据的积累可以帮助基层教练更准确地选择。”

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